Ashes / Niche Plaques

Ashes / Niche Plaques

Ashes (or Niche) plaques are typically smaller and suited to wall and garden interments as well as event markers and smaller signs for buildings.

Ashes plaques can include a wide range of border designs, personal or military symbols and emblems, or perhaps a ceramic photo or Bronzelife image to help craft your special moments.

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136 x 102mm
152 x 152mm
356 x 184mm
Ashes Rose 240mm
Ashes 240mm - Rose border
Ashes Rock 240mm
Ashes 240mm - Rock border
Ashes Wheat 240mm Antique background
Ashes 240mm - Wheat border / Antique
Ashes Round 240mm
240mm Round
Oval - Ashes
Oval Ashes plaque
Full Heart 229 x 184


Ashes Pod
Ashes Pod and Plaque 240x240mm

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Please note: Permission must be sought directly from the Office of Australian War Graves and sighted by DP Jones & Co before any service emblems or badges can be affixed. It is the client's responsibility to obtain this permission.