Bronze Life Book Example

“Pictures tell a thousand words”

When it comes to celebrating and remembering the life of someone you loved nothing surpasses Bronzelife plaques.

Using personal photos provided by you, the team at DP Jones & Co can cast them in bronze, capturing those memories forever in time, partnered with your chosen words these plaques give a personal, one of a kind memorial to remember your loved one. 

Bronzelife example showing original photos.
A Bronzelife plaque can turn your cherished photographs into an everlasting bronze tribute.

The better the photo, the better the Bronzelife image. 

It stands to reason that professionally taken photographs are first choice when it comes to picking a photo, because they are focused, contrasted correctly etc. 

But it is also understandable that a majority of family photos are taken using standard cameras and phones, so we suggest contacting the team at D.P. Jones who can advise you of the quality of the image and what you can expect from it when it is cast. 

When sending the image via email the highest resolution possible 150 dpi – 300 dpi is preferred, file format JPEG, EPS, PSD.