“Pictures tell a thousand words”

Bronzelife provides the ultimate in personalisation possibilities.

BronzeLife is a technique where DP Jones & Co reproduce your favourite photo(s) in bronze, beautifully capturing those memories forever.  This option is available for most plaque sizes and shapes in our range.

We can work with one or a number of photos to create a wonderful Life collage as a plaque background or special section of the plaque. 

We can also reproduce a single photo as a smaller bronze plate.  This can be added as a detachable plate to another base plaque.  This can be a great alternative to a Ceramic Photo.

Bronzelife Photo
Capture a favourite photo in bronze. A photo plate that can be easily attached to another plaque or stone memorial.
Simba the Cat

Personal photos partnered with your chosen words to create a beautiful, handcrafted bronze life memory

Bronzelife example showing original photos.
A Bronzelife plaque can turn your cherished photographs into an everlasting bronze tribute.

The better the photo, the better the Bronzelife image.

Professionally taken photographs are first choice when it comes to selecting a photo.

It's also understandable that a majority of family photos are taken using standard cameras and phones. Please contact the team at DP Jones and Co if you have any queries or wish to discuss the quality of a photo.

PLEASE NOTE: The best photos to work with are in digital format, high resolution (min 150 dpi, prefer 300+ dpi, file format JPEG, EPS, PDF, PSD) and with strong colour and background contrast.  We can also work with older paper photographs and lower quality formatting but this may take extra time and cost.

BronzeLife examples

BronzeLife examples from DP Jones and Co 3.3 MB PDF file