Bronze Plaque Care and Maintenance

Due to natural conditions such as; ultra violet sunlight, heat, water (chlorine, bore), chemical sprays and general weathering, the finish on a bronze plaque will begin to breakdown and gradually patina over time (acquiring a greenish hue). However, care and maintenance can lengthen the protective nature of our high quality Dulux Protective Coating.

We recommend you:

  • Dust with a soft duster or soft cloth (microfiber or chamois) when required.

If more thorough cleaning is required:

  • Clean the plaque with mild soapy water (preferably warm) and a soft cloth (microfiber or chamois) to dislodge any dirt and debris from the surface of the plaque.
  • Rinse and dry.
  • Buff with Cloth.

Please note:

During cleaning NEVER USE solvents or harsh chemicals, as they will damage the protective coating applied during the manufacturing process. This includes bronze/metal cleaners, as they are for cleaning directly onto the metal surface, our plaques have a protective coating, therefore if applied the protective coating may be damaged.

AVOID using any abrasive materials such as steel wool or sandpaper or scrubbing with a brush when caring for bronze plaques. 

The cleaning and maintenance of a plaque will extend the quality of the our Dulux Protective Coating, however over an extended period of time (years), it will not restore the plaque back to it's original finish, all bronze plaques will gradually patina over time. Some people prefer the natural patina process to take place. However, if it is desired that the plaque look 'like new' maybe a professional restoration should be considered. 

Requiring Professional Restoration

The best way to restore an older bronze plaque to 'like new' condition is to engage our services (via your cemetery trust or through our company directly) for a full refurbish.

  1. This involves the plaque being removed and brought back to our factory.
  2. The plaque is sandblasted to the raw metal, removing all of the old protective coating and discoloured background colour.
  3. We apply a new background colour (same colour as original, unless requested otherwise), the plaque the proceeds to be linished to highlight its bronze colour on the raised lettering, borders and/motifs.
  4. The linished plaque is air blasted to ensure it's free of all loose particles.
  5. Then our Dulux Protective coating is applied twice to ensure a lasting and pristine finish, and the plaque is baked to ensure the protective coating is effectively applied.
  6. We then return the refurbished plaque and fit it to it's previous location.