Frequently Asked Questions

At D.P. Jones we pride ourselves on offering a delivery turnaround of 20 working days upon confirmation of the plaque. This timeframe allows us to:

  1. Endeavour for the most efficient and economical production to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum allowing the best possible purchase prices.
  2. Remain open to any last minute alterations and allow the time to correct them without incurring significant costs.
  3. Most importantly, it allows us to implement all stages of our plaque building process, resulting in the highest quality product for our clients.

There are several options available to you when it comes to affixing your plaque. Plaques can come with:

  • Lugs/Bosses – which are cast with the plaque, drilled and tapped as part of manufacturing for fixing of a bolt or thread.
  • Brackets/Springs – brass bracket is welded to the plaque after casting allowing easy placement in ashes/cremation walls.
  • Pre drilled corner holes – this allows for a bolt/screw to be placed through the plaque, holding its desired surface.
  • Flat back plaque – allows glue to be applied directly to plaques back and desired surface.

We recommend any silicon based glues or adhesives as these are best to withstand the weather conditions and the two surface temperatures.

Our plaques are coated with multiple layers of protective clear coat to meet Australian standards within the industry.

Plaques can be cleaned at the family’s discretion, though we recommend simply using warm water and a sponge or brush.

All military badges require written permission from the Office of Australian War Graves to use. Additionally, some logos and characters from TV shows, literature etc may require permission from the owner of these designs to use.

Over time the suns ultra violent rays will take there toll on the plaques finish. As the finish breaks down this allows moisture and air to reach the metal and oxidation occurs, causing the plaque to return to its natural bronze state.

Yes. Most plaques can be reconditioned back to the original, lustrous state. This involves it being brought back to the factory and put through the final three stages of production. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of ordering a replacement plaque.

Minor changes can be made after the plaque is complete. This however will involve a cost being incurred. One or two letters or numbers can be fixed before it becomes unviable and a new plaque is recommended.

Once you've settled on a size and base design, limitless options are available to make your individual plaque unique. Border designs, plaque colour, emblems in flat relief or 3D designs, ceramic photos and Bronzelife images are just a few of the options that can be combined to create a truly personalised plaque.

For a truly unique, one of a kind design we recommend sending us your own images/photos which can then be copied and cast into our Bronzelife.

Flat relief is generated by computer imagery and is two dimensional; therefore the size can be manipulated.

Bas relief is a preset, half-3D design which are added to the inscription prior to casting. These cannot generally be manipulated in size. However some designs maybe created to a desired size but a cost will occur in doing so.