Accompany your plaque with our assortment of flower vases, granite box vase holders, individual bronze photo frames, bronze crosses and religious emblems, and bronze lettering.

Photo Ceramics

One way to personalise your loved one’s plaque can be adding a photo ceramic, taking a photo you’ve provided, we image it onto a ceramic tile which can be placed on the plaque. Photo ceramics can come in a manner of different sizes and shapes including ovals, rectangles, hearts and squares. Sizes are 5cm x 7cm, 6cm x 8cm, 7cm x 9cm, 9cm x 12cm. Some larger sizes are also available.

Photo Frames

Frames can be provided to fit all sizes and shapes of photo ceramics with a variety of styles. These are generally required for monumental use in cemeteries.

PDR Vases

Plastic Double Rectangular vases are available. The most common uses for these are concrete and granite desks or lawn cemetery plaque beams.

Circular Vases

Circular vases are light aluminium and come in a variety of sizes, 80mm to 100mm diameter lid and can be silver, gold or black and depth of 100mm, 150mm or 200mm.

Granite Box Vases

We can provide Granite Box Vases for general use in cemeteries. They come in a variety of stone colours and sizes. Most common size are 150x150x150mm or 150x150x200mm with the vase 80mm or 100mm in diameter and can be silver, gold or black lids.

Bud Vases

Metal bud vases come in two sizes, small (80) or large (150mm), can be brown, black or natural brass, they come with a separate wall bracket enabling easy removal for cleaning.