Standard Memorial Plaques

Standard Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques are widely used across cemeteries large and small, wherever a 'forever' moment needs to be preserved and presented beautifully.

Plaques come in 3 basic types:

  1. Single
  2. Dual Conversion
  3. Base + Plate

Single plaques are for individual interment or events and provide tremendous scope for personalisation.  These are available in almost any size.

Larger-sized Memorial plaques can be produced as a Dual Conversion.  This is where a customer arranges for the design and manufacture of a base plaque and a first detachable plate displaying a loved ones details.  A second detachable plate is added at a later date with interment details of another loved one.  The memorial provides a shared set of words, design  and epitath for both parties.

Base + Plate plaques are similar to Dual Conversion except that all of the detail for each interment is included in their respective detachable plates.  This provides a little more flexibility with each interred's words, design and epitath. 

All of these Plaque types can include a wide range of border designs, personal or military symbols and emblems, or perhaps a ceramic photo or Bronzelife image to help craft your special memorial.

PLEASE NOTE: Cemeteries may have rules governing the memorial size and design options allowed for certain cemetery sections, so please contact the friendly team at DP Jones & Co for assistance with these matters.

Examples of three of the most popular sized memorial plaques are shown below - the 380x215mm, 380x280mm and 560x300mm.

We do produce a wide range of sizes though, from tiny 80x30mm button plaques up to grand scale 864x356mm bronze plaques.

Please explore our online builder anytime to see what's readily available.

If you have an idea that's not in our library, please just ask the team.

380 x 215 mm
Single 380x215mm
Dual Conversion 380x215mm
Dual Conversion
Base and Half-Plate 380x215mm
Base and 1st Plate
380 x 280 mm
Single 380x280mm
Dual Conversion 380x280mm
Dual Conversion
Base and Half-Plate 380x280mm
Base and 1st Plate
560 x 300 mm
Single 560x300mm
Dual Conversion 560x300mm
Dual Conversion
Detachable Plates / 2nd Plates
2nd Plate 140x80mm
2nd Plate
2nd Plate 190x215mm
2nd Plate
2nd Plate 190x280mm
2nd Plate
864 x 356 mm
Single 864x356mm
Dual Conversion 864x356mm Poppies
Dual Conversion

View our range of logos and motifs.

Sample motifs

Please note: Permission must be sought directly from the Office of Australian War Graves and sighted by DP Jones & Co before any service emblems or badges can be affixed. It is the client's responsibility to obtain this permission.