Manufacturer's Warranty

Terms and Conditions:

DP Jones & Co Monumental Engravers hereafter referred to as the "Company" and all products and services supplied by the "Company" is hereafter referred to as "Goods"

The Company warrants a three (3) month Manufacturer's Warranty Period for all Goods supplied by it, against manufactured defect of work or material upon receipt of the Goods.

The Company's only obligation shall be to repair the Goods or replace the Goods proved to be defective.

All Goods supplied to the Customer in Conformity with the Customer's order, as specified in the Company's Product order, which has been communicated and given documented manufacture approval by the Customer, are applied subject to these Terms and Conditions. The Company and the Customer agree the company shall not be liable.

The Customer has no right to cancel an order, of which the Company has accepted the Customer's manufacture approval. The order shall only be placed on hold (for a suitable period determined and signed by the Company Managers), or alterations to an order made through a written request from the Customer. If the order is within the Manufacturing process, the liability and cost of the Goods is the Customers.

The Company shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of or the inability to use the Goods. 

Risk in Goods passes to the Customer at the time the Goods are dispatched, installed or collected by the Customer, or any agent, carrier or courier of the Customer.

All quotations supplied by the Company are an estimate only and are subject to withdrawal or alteration at any time prior to the Companies acceptance of the Customer's order.

GST is included in the purchase price unless requested otherwise, in which case will be charged to the Customer's account where applicable.

It is the Terms and Conditions that payment of the price of goods manufactured, delivered and/or installed be paid within fifteen (15) working days, from invoice received.

In conjunction with the precedented, to such an extent as any contract arising from present, constitutes a supply of Goods to the Customer as defined in the Trades Practices Act 1974 (the "TPA") no content within the contract should be interpreted as restricting, excluding or modifying any express or implied conditions warranty of remedy compared by the TPA. The liability of the Company is respect of breach of a condition of warranty indicated by the TPA, which the customer or any other entity or person may sustain.

The foregoing may not be altered except by agreement signed by the Managers of the Company.