Plaque Mounting Options

Plaque Mounting Options

There are several options available to help attach your plaque. The right option will depend on the planned location and material of the Plaque base.

PLEASE NOTE: For Plaque Base options, please see here

At time of ordering, you can select from:

  • Lugs – these are typically four small knobs cast into the rear of the plaque that are then drilled and tapped.  Bolts can then be inserted to work as anchor points.  Ideal for attaching to stone blocks, brick walls and other memorial material.
    Lugs on Plaque rear side
  • Brackets / Springs – a brass bracket is welded to the rear of the plaque after casting.   This allows for tight placement and attachment for cremation walls and other smaller plaque displays where the plaque covers a hollow space.
    Brackets for mounting an Ashes plaque
  • Pre-Drilled Corner Holes – Drilled into the face of a finished plaque, these holes allow for a strong bolt / screw arrangement into many different surfaces.
    Pre-drilled Corner Holes
  • Flat Back – the plaque is finished with a flat rear surface allowing strong industrial glue to be applied.
    Flat rear side allowing for gluing to mount area

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend any silicone-based glues or adhesives as these are best suited to withstanding weather conditions and fluctuating surface temperatures.