Aluminium Plaques

Lightweight, long-lasting.

Aluminium plaques are lightweight, long-lasting and ideally suited to Commemorative and Memorial use.

Aluminium plaques present a lustrous, eye-catching silver finish.

They are weather resistant and light weight so can perform well in certain harsh environments that are more detrimental to Bronze plaques.

DP Jones and Co offers most of our Bronze plaque range in an Aluminium alternative.  Please speak to the team for more information.

Aluminium example-380x215
380x215mm Standard Memorial plaque with Black background
380 x 215mm with Moon silhoutte
380 x 215mm with Moon silhoutte
Aluminium example-Commemorative 380x280
380x280mm Commemorative Plaque
Aluminium example-Design
380x280mm Design Plaque with Black background
380x280 Bronzelife in Aluminium
380x280mm Aluminium plaque with BronzeLife half page photoimage background
Aluminium example-Design 680x380
680x380mm Design + Bronzelife Plaque
Shop sign with inverted text and motif
Shop sign with inverted text and motif