Ashes and Standard Memorial Plaques

These are the most common plaques placed in cemeteries.

  • Ashes/Cremation plaques are generally smaller, sizes do vary depending on size of ashes wall or base for placement.
  • Memorial plaques, like ashes plaques, can be made in all sizes.

Both ashes and memorial plaques come with a large range of corner designs/emblems, or perhaps a ceramic photo or Bronzelife image to help customise your loved ones memorial.

View our range of logos and motifs.

Sample motifs

Please note: Permission must be sought directly from the Office of Australian War Graves and sighted by DP Jones & Co before any service emblems or badges can be affixed. It is the client's responsibility to obtain this permission.

Some of the memorial plaques can be dual plaques, meaning the casting of a base plaque and first detachable plate with a second detachable plate being added at a later date with internment details.

All cemeteries vary when it comes to the size of plaque allocated for certain section of there cemeteries, so contact the friendly team at DP Jones & Co for assistance in these matters.

Standard memorial plaque
Standard memorial plaque
Ashes plaque
Ashes plaque